Tools I Use (and recommend) to Create Online Courses

Here I collect and share all my favorite tools that I use to create my online courses. (Disclaimer: few of the links are affiliate links.) I’ll update this list from time to time.

Best online course platform

Teachable. Period.

This was the topic that I initially researched the most. I settled with Teachable and I’m so, so happy that I did so. It’s a great online course platform that makes your life easier.


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Cameras, recording

Screen Recording

  • Camtasia ($249) –» not great, not terrible. It’s good for recording. For editing, it’s a bit buggy, but I outsourced editing in the last few years anyway.


  • Keynote
  • PowerPoint
  • Gimp (open-source PhotoShop clone)


  • Mailchimp for email marketing and email automations
  • Zapier for creating better automations across all my tools
  • WordPress for blogging and content marketing
  • Deadline Funnel for creating deadline funnels

Communication with students

More info

You’ll find the same list with more explanation in this Medium article of mine: Best tools to create online courses.

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